Start Up Businesses

You need three things to create a successful startup: to start with good people, to make or provide something that potential customers actually need or want, and to spend as little money as reasonably possible to do this. Most startups that fail do it because they fail at one of these. A startup that does all three will probably succeed. While we cannot provide you with the magic idea or business for success, we can help you get started successfully as it relates to forming the right business structure, choosing the right accounting information system and helping you with your taxes and financial reporting.

Business Structures – Corporations, Partnerships and Limited Liability Companies

There are a variety of organizational structures available to new business owners. The most common include forming a corporation, limited liability company (LLC) or partnership. Each type has unique advantages and disadvantages. It is easy to get confused, or worse, choose the “wrong” type or not file the appropriate forms and elections timely that can cost you time and money. There are also special considerations when there are foreign owners. Professional guidance from an experienced tax attorney or CPA is a smart choice and quite affordable. Call us now to get started!

Accounting Information Systems

Once you formed your business you will need to track your business income and expenses, customer invoices, payments, bills, payroll, etc.  It is important you have the “right” accounting system in place from the start.  Complete accounting software applications are very affordable. You can buy many of these products directly from us and at a better price than directly from the manufacturer.  We have affordable set up packages to help you get started and set up correctly and quickly. Call us now to get started!

Tax Filing and Reporting Requirements

There is quite a lot of information to know regarding your tax filing and reporting requirements.  There are income taxes, sales taxes, payroll taxes and other filing and reporting requirements for new businesses.  Missing  an important deadline or payment can be quite costly. Hiring the “right” CPA firm to help you will save you time and money. Call us now to get started!

How It Works?
  • 1 Get Started Talk to us. Tell us about what tax returns you need to file, what has happened, taxes you owe and ask about any general questions you have.
  • 2 Recommendations and Proposal We provide you with our recommendations, up-front costs, and the expectations before starting our work.
  • 3 Gather Information We obtain known information reported to the IRS and actions taken. You provide other information we may need to best help you.
  • 4 Client Approval We prepare copies of our work for your review and approval before anything is filed, giving you the opportunity to a gree or provide additional information that may be needed.
  • 5 Settlement You pay taxes or other amounts owed on negotiated tax settlements needed to finalize your case. We continue to monitor your case and notify you of any adverse IRS actions taken until closed.
  • Immediate Help Get immediate help. Contact us by phone or chat on-line. Use this option to get immediate help when you’re ready to get started.
  • Scheduled Tax Consultation Use this option when you’re not ready now, but will be ready in the next few days and want to schedule a teleconference or on-line meeting.
  • Not Ready Use this option when you’re not quite ready but are simply looking for more information.

I’ve been doing business with Mitch and CPA Miami for the last 4 years and have always had a great support from him. Mitch is always available, hears what we are doing and why and, most importantly, keeps us on track of better accounting and legal practices, in a very diligent way, which is very … Continue reading “Rafael F., Porto Alegre, Brazil”

Rafael F., Porto Alegre, Brazil

I have been working with this firm, as it relates to my personal and corporate tax activities, for well over a decade.  To date I can only say that Mitch Helfer and his staff have been professional, timely and knowledgeable of my personal and business tax needs.  In addition, Mitch is always readily available and … Continue reading “Francois I”

Francois I

This is the best CPA company I ever work with, Mitch Helfer saved us around $15,000.00 dollars in penalties , he abated the penalties successfully and we end not paying a dollar. He is always available for consultations and really understandable of our companies needs.

Judith C

Mitch Helfer has done my taxes for years, and he does a great job, gives great advice and gets the job done on time. Deborah Gray Mitchell

Deborah Gray Mitchell

Mitch is very professional and competant. He was persistant in helping me prepare my taxes and gave instructions in a calm and clear way. He is patient and organized. Thank you!

Collin Joyce

Awesome service. Would definitely recommend.

Leori Porter

Even if I live in the other side of the world you always been able to explain and support me in my projects. Thanks!!

Marco Vidali

Very knowledgeable, friendly and timely service. Have been a happy and very satisfied customer since 2003

Kay Oster

Our company has been a customer of the firm for approximately 5 years now … our business was unfortunately affected by a Civil Tax Penalty… we sent the case over to the firm for representation and managing. Immediately the firm acted upon the issue without rest … the penalty was deducted from our account and … Continue reading “Sandra de Leon”

Sandra de Leon

If you need a good CPA in Miami, you need CPA Miami! Thank you for joining our network, we look forward to hearing more from you! Matthew Wagner

Matthew Wagner

It’s great to see an excellent CPA firm that is committed to promoting the community through fiscal responsibility and advice. Keep up the great work and have an awesome season!


I went to CPA Miami for help with my tax returns and was pleasantly surprised. We have a small business and use QuickBooks accounting software. The owner, Mitch Helfer, CPA, figured out a way to make QuickBooks do many of the things we needed which will save us countless hours in data entry and more. … Continue reading “Emy G.”

Emy G.

Mitch Helfer and CPAMiami team always went the extra mile to help us grow our business. They are always available and proactive on suggesting better accounting practices. Their extensive use of IT resources, reduce a lot our work load in day-to-day operations. As a business manager, I would not even think in looking for another … Continue reading “Luiz Schmidt”

Luiz Schmidt

Mitch is always readily available. What more could you ask for from your accountant? Many other firms you’d probably go through many voice mails before getting a call back on a concerning matter. Fees are very reasonable and he is very easy to work with, nonetheless with a vast knowledge that you’d only receive from … Continue reading “Sandra D”

Sandra D