Tax Preparation

The only two things of certainty in life are death and taxes. The only true certainty of tax planning is that what worked yesterday will likely not work today. Today’s tax laws and regulations are ever changing and you need a CPA firm that’s always on top of this.

We offer the complete range of tax planning and consulting services to help ensure that you’re compliant with all the required tax filings and will reduce your taxes to the minimum amount allowed by law.

We provide a complete solution for all tax related services including:

Seven Great Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

Reason 1: How much does it cost?

Perhaps the first question you’re thinking. Our fees are ALWAYS competitively priced.  No, we’re not the lowest … and no, we’re not the highest. Our tax preparation fees are structured to be comparable to national tax preparation firms but with an added twist … you get a whole lot more for your money (read on) …

Reason 2: the better QUALITY tax preparation alternative

All returns are reviewed and signed by an experienced, licensed certified public accountant (CPA) … not just a part-time, part-year tax preparer; which is unfortunately what you get at most national tax preparation firms. We do tax work every single day and are current on new tax law and IRS procedure. We are proud members of the AICPA, FICPA and ASTPS; three of the most recognized groups in our profession. We have an ‘A+’ rating you can get from the BBB. We take the time to meet with you and do your job right – no matter what the cost.

Reason 3: No return is too difficult!

Sometimes you have questions. Sometimes you have “special circumstances” that maybe you didn’t have before. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll figure it out. Whatever the question you have, you can remain confident you’ll receive the “right” answer and have it done right! We are licensed and experienced to prepare state tax returns in all 50 states.

“When it comes to tax preparation; no income tax returns are too hard or too easy to help you”

Reason 4: A FREE second look at last year’s tax return

We’ll look to see if your return was correctly prepared, compare it to your current tax return and look for deductions you might have missed. But wait! We’ll do one more step other tax preparation firms cannot or will not do – We’ll look at your return for audit risk, identify “suspect” issues or unusual positions or other matters that may come to our attention that should cause you concern. Remember, last year’s tax return may be examined or changed for up to 3 years after you filed it. Just because you haven’t heard anything yet, doesn’t mean you’re in the clear. Last year, we identified over half of the prior year returns prepared by other accountants had problems. Of this unusually high number, 75% of our new clients had us amend their returns mostly resulting in significantly greater refunds. Its a FREE service offered as part of our package. If you want us to amend your return, we can do that too!

Reason 5: How fast will I get my refund?

How does 7 to 10 days grab you?. New IRS procedure requires that you e-file your returns and in most cases you’ll get your refund out to you faster than before with a direct deposit to your bank account. No, we don’t give out cash advances and we don’t give out refund anticipation loans. Your risk is high and the fees are ridiculous. If you owe taxes, you usually have until April 15th to pay them.

Reason 6: What if you owe taxes?

If you owe taxes and can’t afford to pay them, we can help you structure out a payment plan or other tax settlement with the IRS. Most tax preparation firms don’t do this. And the ones that do, simply fill out a form for an installment agreement and hope for the best. That’s not enough. You need to do more!

But what if an installment agreement is not your best option? And if a payment plan is your best option, how can you get your payments to be the lowest amount? That’s what we do! We can help you find the best way to settle your tax debt with the lowest payments for the longest period available. In certain cases, we can even have your tax payments postponed or even settle your tax debt for less than you owe!

Reason 7: Convenience

Our business hours are from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM every day, conveniently located in Miami, Florida. Sometimes this just doesn’t work for you – no problem; we can meet with you on weekends or after hours where needed. We work strictly by appointment. There are no walk-ins. And you don’t have to wait!

Most appointments take 60 – 90 minutes to conduct a thorough interview and get started. If meeting with us is a problem, we can also conduct the interview by phone. We just require that certain key documents are sent to us. You can use fax or email as well. Your returns arrive by secure e-mail for your final approval. Once you sign-off, we will e-file your return the same day.

Finding the “Right” Tax Preparer

When you’re looking for the “right” tax preparer to prepare your returns, getting the “best price” is not that important. Most professional tax preparers will charge roughly the same fee. If you find a professional preparer charging too little, you should always be concerned with the credentials and experience of the tax preparer. Its not a matter of price – its a matter of getting the “right” professional help you need.

What is most important to you is whether your tax return is prepared correctly, whether your tax return will pass IRS scrutiny, whether you are maximizing the deductions and tax credits you’re allowed, minimizing your income taxes or maximizing your tax refund.

Choosing the “Wrong” Tax Preparation Services Firm

  • Last year the IRS has implemented “new” standards that require the registration of all tax preparers
  • This year the IRS is targeting certain tax preparers as being “overly aggressive”, incompetent, or just plain fraudulent
  • Did you know that if you went to that particular tax preparer who was identified by the IRS as suspect that there’s a really good chance that your return will be audited (even if you did everything right)?

Is it really worth it? Get your maximum refund, but get it the “right” way. There’s plenty of “legal” deductions you can get without increasing your risk. We can help guide you with what to and what not to take on your returns.

Twenty Years Experience Makes the Difference

“I’ve been quite surprised … in fact shocked … to find that over half the new clients of the firm had errors and missed deductions in their prior tax returns.  Over half! For many of our new clients, we prepared amendments to correct or change these returns resulting in substantial tax refunds.

“over half the new clients of the firm had errors and missed deductions in their prior tax returns”

The IRS has implemented new procedures that will require all tax preparers to be licensed and pass tests indicating at least the minimal amounts of professional training necessary to be a paid preparer. But for now, the IRS has not done enough. The IRS licensing standards are “minimal” requiring registration and minimum continuing education. The licensing requirements for a “CPA” are much greater.  Don’t get caught up in hiring the guy who just started out.

Most importantly, you want your returns prepared correctly – don’t you? You don’t want a letter from the IRS and you certainly don’t want an audit of your tax returns … and you want to pay the least amount of taxes you have to, but you want to do this legally. I get it.

Don’t choose a tax preparation firm that just popped up (where you know they weren’t there just a few months ago) and you don’t want to go to a tax preparation firm where the preparers are not experienced, knowledgeable with current tax law changes and where they work preparing taxes just a few months a year. You don’t need part-time tax preparers. You need CPAs that practice tax law everyday, all year long.