Accounting Services

We provide a full-range of professional accounting services that you’ve been looking for. Our accounting services range from getting you started setting up your accounting systems to bookkeeping services to tax reporting, audited financial statements and other financial reporting.

Successful business owners don’t have the time, nor desire to comply with the accounting and reporting requirements required. They want it done fast, inexpensively, right and timely. That’s where we come in!

Whether you’re looking for a complete accounting solution where we prepare your books and records, help set up your accounting software for you, or monitor and review the work your bookkeeper has done – we can provide the solution you’re looking for – all at a highly competitive price.

Accounting Services provided monthly for established organizations

Many of our clients already have a bookkeeper or an accounting staff. Wouldn’t it be great if you could hire someone to supervise and review what’s being done at a fraction of what a full-time controller or CFO would cost you? Well, you can.

It’s not that you don’t need an expert to help you – its that you don’t need, or can afford someone with that level of expertise on a full-time basis. Better yet, what if we could provide you with a team of individuals, highly skilled in accounting, financial reporting and tax matters available as you need them, for as long as you need them with no long-term contracts or obligations. Well, we can.

Typical accounting services for small business owners with a bookkeeper include:

  1. Reviewing accounting procedures for completeness and accuracy of recording.
  2. Review the monthly bookkeeping and accounting that was already done by your bookkeeper.
  3. Identify and correct most common accounting errors.
  4. Review and correct bank and charge card reconciliations.
  5. Review and correct payroll and payroll taxes.
  6. Review and correct periodic journal entries and adjustments.
  7. Update records for business expenses paid by business owners not recorded

Accounting Services provided annually for smaller companies

Smaller companies often don’t have the need for monthly accounting services. Annual accounting services to prepare the books for tax reporting is often their main goal.

Typical accounting services for small companies without a bookkeeper include:

  1. Record your sales from the deposits to your bank accounts.
  2. Record your expenses from the checks you write from your bank accounts.
  3. Record your expenses that you pay from your charge cards.
  4. Prepare a listing of expenses by type.

Accounting Services provided quarterly for small companies

Many of our clients simply require a periodic review of their accounting records to help with payroll reporting, identify and correct accounting errors and simply keep their books up to speed on a continuous basis, but at a lower cost than the typical monthly accounting services. We can do that too!