Our payroll services include

  • the processing and reporting of payroll to federal and state authorities
  • the correction and reporting of payroll errors
  • the resolution of payroll tax problems
  • the representation of payroll matters before the IRS and various state taxing authorities
  • payroll tax and related payroll benefit consulting

Payroll Made Easy

Intuit Payroll is the preferred payroll solution recommended by CPA Miami™.  It is trusted by over $1MM small businesses – more than any other payroll provider.

For most small businesses, we recommend payroll services provided through the Intuit Online Payroll Service family. The Intuit Online Payroll service for small businesses covers everything from paychecks to W-2 forms, including all federal and state tax payments and form filings. Its easy! Its convenient! Its cheap!

Intuit has a variety of payroll services – each designed for different user needs. The QuickBooks payroll services are designed to integrate with QuickBooks software applications automatically.

The basic payroll solution is the cheapest solution Intuit has available.  This is designed for users who are looking for the most cost effective solutions to payroll processing.

The enhanced payroll solution is Intuit’s payroll solution equipped to provide users with on-line support in the setup, installation and emerging changes to payroll with little support costs.

Finally, the on-line payroll application is a stand alone application that may be integrated with any of the QuickBooks accounting applications easily.  This is the “preferred” choice for most of our clients.

Intuit Online Payroll builds on Intuit’s lineup of leading payroll solutions, including Basic Payroll® and Enhanced Payroll®, currently used by more than one million small businesses.  It is a great online payroll point-and-click solution for small business owners who want ease and convenience.

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