Tax Problems

IRS Problems?

Do you have a tax problem?  Do you need to solve your IRS problems? Did you receive a letter from the IRS? Every tax problem has a solution that’s right for you. Getting the best solution will sometimes depend on hiring the right professional to represent you and guide you through the process. Hundreds of taxpayers solve their tax problems every day.

The IRS has a team of tax lawyers, tax accountants and other tax professionals. Why shouldn’t you? We provide a team of experienced certified public accountants (CPA) knowledgeable with IRS rules, regulations and tax law to get you the tax relief you need. We work with IRS tax problems most every day and have the knowledge and experience you need to help you receive the best possible solution.

Many Tax Problems

Most taxpayers with tax problems have not just one tax problem – but several. And they don’t even know it. They receive a call or letter from the IRS often looking typically one or two tax problems for only one tax year. What often develops are other tax problems. Other tax problems you didn’t even know you had. Once your tax problems are ultimately negotiated, these same tax problems found in one year are usually looked at again in the other surrounding tax years. Generally, the IRS can audit your tax returns for up to 3 years. If they find a problem in one year’s tax audit, chances are pretty good they’ll be looking at the other tax years as well.

The IRS will almost never quit! They can seize your property, levy your bank accounts and garnish your wages. They have a long time to collect what taxes you owe and can be very patient in waiting for you to pay. Time is on their side. Ignore the IRS letters, and the IRS will ultimately take action to collect the taxes you owe.

You need someone working on your behalf to protect your interests. Someone that knows how to beat the IRS. With the right tax problem resolution team, you too can beat the IRS. IRS problems do not just go away. In fact, they only get works the longer you delay to take care of them. Wait too long and you can easily lose some of the many rights you have as a taxpayer.

Winning with the IRS

Winning with the IRS is not a matter of how well you negotiate. Many people go into the IRS office thinking if they’re nice and befriend the IRS agent they’ll just work it out. Thinking if they just owe taxes, they’ll pay it. Or thinking they don’t owe anything, or if they do, its not all that much – so they’ll just handle it themselves. Wrong! Oh, they’ll work it out all right – but not with what you were thinking. Why do you think they contacted you? The IRS agent has one goal in mind – to get you to pay your taxes and take as much money as he can and as fast as possible.

Being a good negotiator is only part of the solution. Knowing the system (IRS Procedure), knowing tax law, knowing your taxpayer rights, knowing how to strategically structure the best settlement within the rules of the IRS and most of all — being better prepared than the IRS agents is the real key to successfully solving tax problems.

Types of Tax Problems

IRS Liens

Federal tax liens are the filing of tax debt you owe in the public records filed with the County clerk in the county from which you live or your business is located. Tax liens show up on your credit report and make it difficult to obtain financing or may result your getting a higher borrowing rate – sometimes even making it more difficult to borrow the money you need to pay your taxes. Getting tax liens released is no easy task. Fortunately, new tax procedure makes this possible in many cases that were not possible before …read more

IRS Levy

The tax levy is a collection action taken by the IRS to get cash from your bank account, garnish your wages, or in the case of business, collect receivables from customers – all to satisfy any tax debt you may owe. Don’t respond to the IRS collection notices and you will almost certainly be a candidate for a bank levy. You can successfully stop bank levies from happening. If you received already received a notice from your bank or employer, your time to act is limited…read more

IRS Audits

An IRS audit is an examination of your tax return. Examinations can be by mail or in-person with an IRS agent. Typically, correspondence audits (by mail) concentrate on one, or more, items on your tax return. Office visits (in-person examinations) are typically more intensive as they look at most all items reported. Going into an office examination without professional assistance is just plain crazy! The key to success in IRS audits is to be prepared. Know exactly what you can expect to happen, even before you go in or reply. Limit your exposure to certain, specific tax issues and get a second look at your tax returns – not just for the year of the examination, but for other years as well … read more

IRS Seizures

Don’t pay your taxes and the IRS can seize and sell your property. Can they really do that? The short answer is “yes”. Seizures are typically used in a case of last resort where there’s no other way to satisfy the tax debt … read more

IRS Wage Garnishments

The wage garnishment is a way to collect taxes you owe through your employer. Don’t take care of your tax problem and have the boss call you into his office to discuss the IRS letter he just received. Won’t that be a lovely conversation! Once a wage garnishment is filed, the employer is required to remit a large percentage of your paycheck. The wage garnishment remains in effect until the IRS is paid in full or otherwise released. You can stop IRS wage garnishments where the garnishment will cause you extreme economic harm or is otherwise unfair – but you need to act quickly …read more

Late or Unfiled Tax Returns

Perhaps the most common problem taxpayers have. Many taxpayers fail to file for a variety of reasons – typically, they don’t have the money to pay, so they don’t file. Wrong strategy! In most cases, the IRS already has a pretty good idea what you owe already. Don’t file your return and you’ll pay a 5% per month penalty. File your return and don’t pay and you’ll pay a penalty that’s 10 times less.

Take this very seriously. The failure to file your tax returns may be construed as a criminal act. Don’t file your return and the IRS will file it for you (otherwise known as a substitute for return). The problem is that when the IRS files your return many of the tax deductions, credits and other benefits you may receive are forgotten … read more

IRS penalties

Don’t file your return, file your return late, understate your taxes – and you’ll be hit with a tax penalty. Tax law provides for many different tax penalties – sometimes many on the same tax issue. In twenty years of practice, I’ve heard it a hundred times.

“ Its not the taxes that get you – it’s the penalties.”

Your penalties can be reduced … read more

The Time to Solve Your IRS Problems is NOW

There are MANY types of tax problems. These are just a few. Chances are if you have one tax problem, you probably have another and don’t even know it! If your tax problems are small, you can often get professional advice and guidance quite affordably – advice that will help you to solve your tax problem often in the first visit.

One thing’s for sure. If you IGNORE your tax problems, they will not go away. The penalties and interest continue to compound and you will often LOSE many of your taxpayer rights in settlement. The time to address your tax problems is NOW.

You may not even want to solve your tax problems today – but at the very least, you should know your options and structure out a game plan going forward. Sometimes solving your IRS problems is not all that fast – it can take weeks to gather information and get prepared. It will almost always take the IRS weeks (if not months) to figure it out. It takes time to do it right!

There have been recent changes in tax procedure – changes that change the landscape of tax problem solving that were not available before. These procedural changes are limited and are not expected to be renewed. Once again, the time to resolve your IRS problems is now!