Innocent Spouse or Injured Spouse

Are you an innocent spouse (are you an injured spouse)? Many married taxpayers choose to file a joint tax return because of certain benefits this filing status allows that generally reduce the income taxes you are required to pay.  When you file a joint return, the law generally makes both you and your spouse responsible for the entire tax liability even if you later divorce or separate.  In certain circumstances it is unfair that the obligations of one spouse be applied to another.

I keep getting letters from the IRS for my husband’s taxes when we were married. I have nothing to do with this and now the IRS wants me to pay. I’m afraid they’re going to levy my bank account or garnish my wages.

Relief provisions are available to married, divorced or separated taxpayers that qualify

  • Are you the “victim”?
  • Did you file your taxes jointly with your spouse?
  • Were you denied your tax refund?
  • Are you being asked to pay your spouse or former spouse’s obligations?
  • Is it unfair for you to be held liable for these obligations?

Injured Spouse Tax Relief

I filed my tax return with my husband. The IRS is keeping the tax refund to pay my husband’s old school loans. Why should my refund be held back when I have nothing to do with this?

If you filed a joint return and all or part of your share of the overpayment was, or is expected to be, applied against your spouse’s past-due debts, you may be able to obtain relief when:

  1. You have made, or reported tax payments, claimed a refundable tax credit or
  2. You are not legally obligated to pay the past-due amount

Other Relief Provisions

In some cases, a spouse will be relieved of the tax, interest, and penalties on a joint tax return. Three types of relief are available:

  1. Innocent spouse relief
  2. Separation of liability
  3. Equitable relief

Innocent Spouse Tax Relief

By requesting innocent spouse relief, you can be relieved of responsibility for paying tax, interest, and penalties if your spouse (or former spouse) improperly reported items or omitted items on your tax return. The taxes, interest, and penalties that will be collected from your spouse or former spouse … read more

How Can We Help You?

I filed my return months ago. I haven’t heard back from the IRS. I call them and wait on hold for almost an hour. When they finally answer, no one has any answers on when I’m getting my tax refund.

The truth of the matter is that filing for an innocent spouse or injured spouse claim is normally a longer than normal process and often gets lost among the thousands and thousands of tax returns that are filed. If your refund is large or you are being assessed taxes you don’t owe, chances are you will require professional help.

Call or meet with us to see if you qualify.  If you qualify, we can help guide you through the process, represent your before the IRS and prepare the paperwork fairly quickly and easily. If the IRS is claiming you owe them money and is threatening you with an intent to levy your account we can help you by postponing collection actions and often getting your case moved along quicker.