Quickbooks Consulting

QuickBooks© is the preferred accounting software solutions for small business enterprises throughout the US (not just Miami) and the recommended solution providers by CPA Miami.

Why QuickBooks? QuickBooks is the ideal business accounting software for small to mid-sized business owners. Here’s 12 reasons why you should be using QuickBooks

Quickbooks offers solutions that are hosted and managed on your computers (desktop editions) or hosted, managed and accessed using secured internet technologies (on-line editions).  There are both various desktop and on-line editions available.  There is no one size fits all!  Each solution has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

For our start-up clients new to QuickBooks©, we generally recommend the QuickBooks On-Line Edition, specifically in those cases where:

  • there is no inventory to track;
  • where a “simple” solution is required;
  • where users are not working from a central location or the business may have different geographical locations;
  • where there are many system users working simultaneously;

For our more experienced clients or clients that need to track inventories, the QuickBooks Desktop Editions are generally broken down into the “Pro”, “Premium” and “Enterprise” solutions.  Similarly, there are various subdivisions of software tailored to retail clients, contractors, not-for-profits, etc.

The most common desktop version is the QuickBooks Pro Edition.  This edition provides users with the greatest functionality at a minimal price.  We generally encourage using the QuickBooks Premier Edition for its increased functionality.  Finally, for larger enterprises, or those businesses where the accounting information needed is more intensive, the QuickBooks Enterprise Edition will generally meet almost all business requirements.

Whatever your needs are we can help you get your business set up inexpensively and quickly.  Get it right the first time!  Call for a free business evaluation!

Our clients can buy or upgrade to any of the QuickBooks products by clicking the banner below!