JA is a married, successful IT consultant with 3 kids. His wife is a realtor and housewife. Throughout the years, JA formed a company to provide IT services in addition to wages and other self-employment income he receives. JA had not filed his individual tax returns for over 3 years and was being assessed approximately $75,000 in back taxes from the IRS. JA never filed corporate tax returns.

JA first met with us after his bank account was levied and his employer received a Notice of Wage Garnishment from the IRS. The IRS was about to release notices to other customers he provided services to. JA wanted to file and pay his income taxes but never thought he had the cash needed to do so. He know he owed taxes but estimated them to be only around $35,000.

We were able to release the wage garnishments and get JA additional time to settle with the IRS. We negotiated JA’s tax liability down to around $18,000 after deductions and a payment plan of around $2,000 down and less than $325 a month. Total professional fees were less than $9,000 and took less than 3 months to settle.