When times are good, they’re really good. And when times are bad, there just appears to be no hope in sight. That’s what DD thought when he came to see us with no money, no prospects of money and over $40,000 in tax debt.

DD is a typical victim of today’s troubled economy. Owing more than $40,000 in tax debt with very little or no source of income. In fact, DD couldn’t even come up with cash monthly necessary to enter into a standard installment agreement requiring over $800 a month.

We negotiated a payment schedule of under $100 a month which was enough to show that DD could pay something, as small as the payments were, and was wanting to pay his entire tax debt – just not now when he needed the money the most.

Fortunately, DD’s life has turned for the better. He restructured his business to target investors seeking to buy foreclosures and short sale properties, much like before, but only now more profitable. And although he’s paying his debt just a little at a time, DD gets to postpone his payments and use the money to reinvest in his new business venture. As long as DD keeps making the minimum payments, he still has the flexibility to use the cash where it earns him the most. His business. Total professional fees were less than $1,200.