Find Miami Accountant for Small Business

Find Miami Accountant

Are you a small business owner looking for an accountant? Is your business in Miami, Florida? Or are you looking for an accounting firm in Miami, Florida? If you’re search landed you here, you’re probably looking for a new accountant for your Company, or you’ve recently started, or are about to start a Company and you need professional help. [Search term “Find Miami Accountant”].

CPA Miami provides a full range of accounting and tax services to small businesses located in, or searching for accountants in, Miami, Florida. [Search term “Find Miami Accountant”].

Although most of our small business clients are located in Miami-Dade, or Broward counties, we also provide accounting and tax services in Monroe County, Palm Beach and for several foreign business owners looking to establish a presence and conduct business in the U.S. [Search term “Find Miami Accountant”].

Just being located in Miami, we’re always getting calls from individuals looking for accountants to help them do business in the U.S. (se habla espanol). [Search term “Find Miami Accountant”].

Small Business Accounting Services

We provide small business accounting services including bookkeeping, accounting and financial reporting.  Bookkeeping services is the recording and classification of inflows and outflows of cash and credit card transactions, and reconciliation of balances to statements. Accounting services is the analysis of accounting records, correction of errors, recording of periodic accounting adjustments, payroll transactions and more. Financial reporting is to preparation of financial statements for users to make informed financial decisions on company or organization, either historically or based on future expectations.

Small Business Tax Services

We provide tax services including tax preparation, tax planning, tax problem resolution and more. Tax preparation involves the preparation of tax forms in compliance of regulatory regulation. Tax planning involves forecasting future expectations, the determination of the timing of future obligations, and the consideration of alternatives designed to strategically reduce or eliminate tax obligations in accordance with current and future tax law. Tax problem resolution involves correcting tax compliance reporting errors, representation in examinations or audits and the structured settlement of tax debt problems that is most beneficial to the company or organization.

Finding the Right Accountant

While there are many good accountants out there that provide these services, you must carefully consider which is the “right” accountant for you! First and foremost, you need to work with an accountant that shares your vision. One that proudly boasts his association with you and feels that your success.

Using Certified Public Accountants

You should always opt for an accountant that is certified. Certified public accountants train vigorously and are tested and monitored to meet high standards of competence, ongoing training, ongoing background checks and are subject to consequences, often severe, when not meeting professional standards. Bookkeepers are not subject to the same standards and unfortunately all too often provide substandard results.

Experience Makes the Difference

Experience is perhaps the next most importance factor. Greater experience often equates to greater practical knowledge to recognize problems and solutions to keep you going strong.  A strong accounting partner or manager will also keep your accounting engagement on track so you’re not faced with surprises that cost your more.

And we’re really good at it. Why do you think we came up first when you’re looking [Search term “Find Miami Accountant”]? Read our reviews. You’ll like what you see.

How Much Does It Cost?

The pricing of professional services is often equally important as well.  There’s no need to hire the best accountants in the world when you’re just starting out.  Similarly, small business owners looking to take shortcuts to cut the price often find themselves with problems that develop later and pay much more to correct them.  The key is to pay the “right” price so the services are tailored to your business needs and budget.

Looking for a New Accountant

If you already have an accountant and you’re looking here, its probably not just the price that got you here. Its probably the fact that you’re not getting what you need from your accounting firm. Maybe your accountant is not responsive to you. Not giving you what you need. Did something “wrong” that caused you a problem. Maybe your accountant is retiring. Or maybe you’ve simply outgrown them.

We love meeting new people and getting new clients. Let us give you a proposal of our services. [Search term “Find Miami Accountant”].

Start-Up Companies

If you recently started a new business, or are looking to start one, your going to need to get an accountant that can help you get started on the right track.  Do you incorporate your company? Do you have a small business accounting package?  What are your tax filing requirements?  Will you have payroll to report? Will you need financing and what can you expect to get?

How to Get Started

The call to action is have you contact us, talk or meet with you, and see if you’re the type of client we want to work with and that we’re the right accounting firm for you.  There’s no fee, or obligation on your part, to get started.  Especially if you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for. If we think we can help you, we’ll present you with a proposal before we get started. What you’ll need. What we can provide. And a fair estimation of what you can expect to pay.  And how soon we can start.

Its easy to contact us. This site provides a phone number to call, a chat window and a contact information form as well. Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you!