How to Prepare Your Expat Tax Return

Meet Your Accountant

Call us directly, or simply complete the Send Message Form to Get Started. Be sure to provide your name, email address, phone number. If you’re overseas, please provide your time zone and the best time to call you in the description field.  Foreign phone numbers are o.k. You can also contact us by Skype or Whatsapp (username: cpamiami)

How Much Does It Cost

Each tax return is a little different. Most (90%) expat tax returns can be completed for only $395. Some cost more depending on your unique tax situation. A quote for our fee is provided prior to beginning work for approval. Once approved, our fee can be paid electronically using a charge card or e-check.

Information We’ll Need

To begin, we’ll ask you to complete a tax organizer and send us a copy of the last tax return filed. The tax organizer is where we gather information such as your mailing address and bank information for refunds or electronic payments of taxes you may owe.  The tax organizer also contains various questions regarding your income and deductions for you to answer.

Tax Preparation

We will prepare your US tax returns based on information you have provided. Your tax return is prepared by a licensed CPA, experienced in preparing expat tax returns. Not to worry if the information you provided is incomplete – we’ll will contact you for any other information that we may need.

Finalizing Your Tax Return

Once a draft of your tax return is completed, we’ll send it to you for your approval. As most tax returns are filed electronically, you will sign an e-file authorization form and return to us. Once the authorization is received, your tax return will be electronically filed.

That’s It! You’re Done.